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Post  Dura Kanamesh on Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:15 am

Follow these rules and the council won't come to kick your ass off the site! ^^

1) No EXCESS profanity. A word may slip but you don't need f%$k and a$$h0l3 in every sentence.

2) When posting for the role play, you must have a minimum of 8 complete sentences unless making an exit or really cannot produce more under such conditions during the role play.

3) Be polite and courteous to all members including the admin. and mods. This is an RP community and you must respect all who join it.

4) If a moderator or myself have an issue with you and propose a compromise of some sort, please refrain from pursuing against it and us. We can remove you if we are mistreated or ignored. Our word is LAW.

5) If you have an issue with a member, bring it up with a mod. or myself. By engaging in warfare over flaming PMs or the chatbox you are only making the matter worse.

6) Please do NOT post like THIS, this, this->and she was like lmao, or ThIs when you role play.

We do not need ridiculous sizes, colors, decor., texting terms or patterns in your writing. We want it as eligible as possible!!!

7) When a character speaks use some consistent method of distinguishing it from his or her actions. You may use a change in color, the basic "...", italics, bold, etc. but make it OBVIOUS.

8) Your character cannot be All Powerful. Everyone has a weak spot etc. Even the canons. Expect to lose or face harm every once in a while in the very least.

9) All ULTRA POWERED characters such as Kaname will be permitted godmod like abilities but only by Admin and Mod permissions.

10) Please post in a timely manner. If your going on vacation or will be away notify ever active participant of the current thread and tell them. There will be an Away thread to keep track of your absence.

11) When applying for a Canon, please do not treat it as a possession. Use him or her actively! People want to play with you and even be you but if you waste the opportunity we will confiscate that character.

12) All intimate scenes are to be posted in a separate area labeled "Passionate Posts." It is an X rated area so enter at your own risk.

13) You may NOT post in multiple threads at once with the same character.

14) You may have a maximum of 3 characters. Only one canon per player and the other 2 may be custom unless given permissions by Admin or Mods.

15) Battles are allowed but nobody wants to talk about intestines and the like. Keep that much PG 13. I might faint X3

16) No SPAM! Keep your posts related to any and all topics you participate in.

17) Your avatars and signatures should not contain any racial slurrs, pornographic images, etc.
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