rima touya ready i think

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rima touya ready i think

Post  miss devine on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:41 am

Name: Rima Touya
Alias: riri
Gender: female
Age: 16 years old
DOB: -----
Hometown: -----
Current residence: moon dorm at cross academy

Kaname Kuran

(not much of her history is known do to the fact that she is a minor character so to accommodate for this i will have her with a memory block)
when she was very young she remembered having almost everything she wanted her family wasn't the richest but they had money, she got enough to feel like royalty tho if she behaved. one day this life and everyone and every thing she knew was lost as was she..... she found her self on the streets with only her hunting and powers to live off of, she fed on the lower class and the street bums thinking at least they wouldnt be remembered. but it also brought her sorrow because through her own memory loss she felt like she needed to be remembered and so she continued to sure for a way to be known and she came across the modeling world everyone would know her. there she met shiki and he introduced her to the head of cross academy. she became a student and stayed at shiki's side feeding him more poky than he could ever eat Smile.
(her known history: she one of the youngest in the moon class, She works as a model with Senri Shiki. Rima likes to boss Shiki around, but she cares deeply for Shiki. Rima and Shiki are always seen together. )

Class: b vampire

Personality: shes pro-monarchy, shes super energetic and very loving.

Visual Appearance: orange hair, blue eyes, 170 cm tall
Clothing: the white uniform of the moon dorm

Weapon/Powers: wield electric

Role Play Sample: 1006 word Smile
as another came out of the trees yukii wondered why she hadn't seen him he must have been really still because she knows shes very perceptive of people. as he came closer she realized why she hadn't seen him, his eyes that of one who had just woken. even tired yukii envied his eyes bright white that of a pure person. the dark brown hair was very contrasting them but his eyes were about all she noticed when she looked at him that and a tired boy, sleepy was good at least he wouldn't be a supper hyper get in the way nin. but its still very bad that all the genins were late. its entirely unexceptionable. no she was not the last one here and yes she had some what of an excuse but she to was late simple as that.

at first she thought he had said hello or something but she didn't really pay attention this was possibly the worst day of her life.

this is lovely, her whole team was a bunch of lazy little brats including her. who sleeps in one training day and who sleeps right next to the training field and isn't on time and theres still one missing we are going to be team lazy she thought to herself, woo-hoo go lazy-nin. she continued making jokes for a good while then in the distance a figure appeared , with a huge yawn,must be our missing genin she though. he was almost half a hour late what was he thinking hes gonna get himself kicked of the squad stupid lazy peace of scum.

thats what she had thought before he came closer, she instantly fell for him. she didnt know why his red brown hair was a mess and he looked thrown together but in a good way. she started to think it was the eyes they were some how hypnotizing, the emerald green and even lime in the morning sun he was beautiful in a weird since. he was a tad shorter than she but she noticed she was taller than most her age, much taller standing at 5'6". the fishnet he wore was torn and messed up as well but on him looked great. she noticed everything about him in the two seconds she was looking.
after only the to seconds she had turned embarrassed but not blushing. then he started talking, as if she were deaf she couldnt he anything and when she looked she saw him smile and then looked away quickly .

why am i acting like this its embarrassing, im hear to lean to study and to compete this is my competition they are the ones ill battle for chunin rank. you can do this yukii just focus... you got this... you got this peace of cake just listen to sensei and focus.

at least she was the only girl she didn't get along with other females in the past couple days shed remembered. in fact she hadnt even talked to any females in all of konoha since that day she woke in the woods well... she thought better not to risk not getting along.

she directed her full attention to the man with... 6 arms .... funny she hadnt really noticed till now. was he like super human or something and the shirt really did he know she was a female nin or he just showing off well.... im so not impressed muscle mass is less important to brains. then she quickly scolded herself for thinking it this was her sensei and she would respect him, if he didnt know what he was doing then he wouldnt be a jounin right? then there was a extra eye whats going on here why is sensei ... o his clan traits. now it made sence

the white eyed boy went next hm this should be interesting yukii thought to her self. though this boy had been late when she was sleeping right next to the feild, he did have a quality about him that she enveyed but she couldnt figure its out. then he opened his mouth yukii couldnt help but listen she was really interested in what he was going to say .... ha he thinks with his mind ....well maybe but ive yet to see his thought process. mine as well give the por kid a chance he did seem prety coolieo so worth a shot.

the other boy didnt go yet she wanted to wait but didnt want to be last she knew her story would get a odd responce it had when she talked to anyone else in the village. she walked over and turned so no one could she her front.
“ i am yukii okibi i gave myself the name do to my tattoo on my left forearm..” she paused holding it up showing the people behinded her. “ i dont know anything about myself except that a morning a few days ago i woke up in the woods no memories at all, i do remember the strange noises i heard.” she threw a large branch at a tree and it made a huge thud. “it sounded similar to that i then foloowed some water till i heard voices and for this villige .” she turned to face them “ a few days ago i went back in the woods and senced numorus people around me a boy i call kei met me there helping me to over come the idea someone else was in the forest. he then was attacked by a wolf, while trying to save me i supposse then i had to help hime i stoped the bleeding with a jutsu that i remembered some how and since then i was placed on a team and came here so... teach me sensei” the last part she said with more excitment than the whole story, hoping it would catch them all off gaurd and they would forget what she just said.

word count 1006(pure luck)
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Re: rima touya ready i think

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