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Kaname Kuran

Post  Dura Kanamesh on Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:37 am

Name: Kaname Kuran
Alias: -
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 18-23 years
DOB: -
Hometown: -
Current residence: Cross Academy

Kaname Kuran-therefore Cross Academy and the ideal vampire+human= union

Background: Kaname was born into a pureblood family of vampires who were looked up to and respected. His past was dark and difficult for his age such as the loss of family and great pressure on his self to live up to his title as a pureblood. When his sister had been born into the family he absolutely adored her and it was of his family's wishes that they marry when of age. Upon the attack of his own uncle his mother and father died while erasing Yuuki's vampire memories and instincts. Kaname on the other hand was off fighting his uncle till he managed to seal him away.

Yuuki was utterly confused at this point and without memory of who he was had declared him her hero and adapted an affectionate fondness of him. Kaname brought her to Cross Academy under his parents orders and paid her frequent visits. The bond between the two grew into a more loving and compassionate relationship. Their feelings for each other were generally the same. Kaname would do anything for her. When Yuuki had brought the young hunter boy into his life, Kaname found that he had gotten a useful tool. Disregarding the hate between the two, Kaname knew Zero would do anything to keep Yuuki safe. He too had fallen for her. Now he awaits as his game plan to destroy his uncle that will awaken begins and for the opportune moment to revive the lost memories of his beloved to come.

Class: Pureblood

Personality: Kaname is normally a stoic and authoritative individual, but always kind and gentle to his precious Yuuki. He has a cold silent demeanor who rarely loses his temper and always level headed in most situations. As a pureblood Kaname is both feared and respected, he is capable of controlling lower level vampires but chooses not to exercise his powers earning the respect of the noble vampires. His personality cannot be really described, his traits are somewhat of a mystery and complicated. One thing we know about Kaname is that he has a dark side; he is manipulative moving people around like chess pieces like that time when he was referring to Zero as a pawn.

Visual Appearance:
Clothing: Cross Academy Nigh Class Uniform (White)

->He can convert humans into level D vampires by biting them
->Stop the E-class degeneration process, by giving his own blood to a D-class vampire (a couple of conditions for it to work)
->Enhanced speed and strength
->Fast healing and abnormal regeneration
->Ability to make lower vampires of any class to obey and serve him
->Some kind of mental power and one power over one of the elements like the wind

Role Play Sample: The Night Class had ended and Kaname followed the students out of the building. He kept to himself avoiding Ruka's attention and wandered away from the path to the dorms. The night air was crisp and cool while the sound of the fountain he drew nearer to was pleasantly refreshing. The gentle breezes carrying the mist through the forest made the atmosphere that much more luxurious. His casual pace was brought to an immediate halt when he heard frantic gasps for air.

Tilting his head a bit he spotted a silhouette heaving against a tree while clutching at it's chest and clawing at the trees bark struggling with an apparent pain. One groan that escaped the boys mouth gave it away. The Kiryu was struggling again. Kaname smirked and strode towards him. The heaving stopped suddenly as he walked right passed him as if not caring.

Kaname could feel the glare even with his back turned and halted once more before saying through a mocking voice, "In your such position I would redirect that glare to myself. A pitiful hunter and an unstable vampire. Can you really protect Yuuki from everything-from you? If you can't..." he glanced over his solder directing his own leer at the boy, "...I'll destroy you."

The vampire turned away and at that final word he left to his dorm to beat the rising of the sun.
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